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I will be the most intellectual and poised novelist, writer, thinker , poet and cinematic director
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 Tired and exhausted I go. Peering into the mists of mortal times. With each step mists fades. Unraveling secrets which I always incubate. Finally seeing the place I was in. Wretched and dread all around. Corpses of my hopes all around. I tried closing my eyes  to unsee it all. But unfortunately there's nobody besides. In whose belief I could close my eyes. There's nobody to redeem me from my mystery. I could finally see the destiny unfolding. But where it will lead us? As I could clearly see those neighbouring faces sadness. Who once rejoiced and now weeping with our wretched existence. Maybe we will all diminish with the end of this haze. As we can clearly see it embodying. We don't know what's behind the oblivion. They say it's all suffering and dying. But I ask what's this for. Isn't it the same as this place. Why we are giving reflection of our existence to the end? Maybe it's all for a reason we don't know. Maybe this mist is cloaking something
 Why am I here? With all the people like me surrounding. Agitated with their frustrating wounds. Running and blood thirsty for each other. And here am I , trying to save myself from all this mayhem. Running past the gateways of my corpses drenched in blood I can feel every burn and wound. That excruciating pain trying to grapple me admist the wilderness. But something in me is still pushing me, evading me out of this chaos  For a while I started to wonder whether this are my scars? Trying to prick me, trying to tear me apart. From the heat of vengeance there clusters are providing me the warmth. Now I realized. They all are a part of me. Being pierced hauntingly by my abuse and misdeeds. Without their consent I have destroyed them and now they are coming for me. All they wanted was peace. By finally destroying me. Getting the liberation that they needed . Running and perspiring through the wilderness.I foolishly tried to Butcher them. But they ressurected and became more nasty and carn
 A contract with my self. That we never dared to break. But one fine day. All hell broke loose. A strangling force pushed me. I took a  knife and butchered. Untangling all the clutters  In search of truth I walked down to the roots Butchering it into pieces I peeled off it's layers. It was just a facade. To whom I always spoke to. All this while there was no clue of truth. Now I finally realized. For whom I was working for all this while. Who do I really satisfied? Truth was always embedded in the contract. Masquerading itself as a blasphemous act. It's conjure one could never understand.
 Something odd happened that day. The whole campus was dead silent, deserted as though something catastrophic had happened or soon was going to happen. He waked along the dead corridors , his haunted eyes prayed for mercy as he walked silently along the hassles of the dead leaves, the sun had just resurrected from its demise by the night sky, but its exuberance fell short off that day as a calm yet sinister shadows of the clouds cloaked the entire campus with its mystery which enticed him . He was thinking about his past days and past times in the campus as though a stream of memories was trickling down the the edges of the corridor. Dreadfully looking at the haunted ambience , he seemed like a person approaching the gates of his grand judgement. Trembling as he slowed down his pace he saw a gateway door to the light. A gape of screeching opaque gates allowed an emerging ray of light to enlighten the dark premise. In desperation of his howling curiosity he went over the gates. At first
He just woke up from a bad nightmare. Anxiety was at its peak during this time as  today it was his first  day at college. In his dreams he saw a bunch of guys ragging him this really terrified him he could clearly remember all the intricacies of the nightmare. Guys stripping him, playing with him ,making him dance on some weird obscene songs all this things were not new for him as he had faced them earlier but all this things being repeated again in his dreams and coincidentally a night before college raised suspicions on his advent into college life. Although things were sorted out in his schooling years but still the memories of that incidents were rather fresh and more traumatizing than before as now he attributed a heightened sense of despair and terror in it. Making him more nervous and inflicting pain on him time to time. He was thinking about all this and evaluating his chances of being ragged in college and running multiple simulations within his mind to pave a way of this sit
 Under the embracing sky there were a group of friends roaming carelessly exploring themselves and their worlds. Setting their foot on rocks and clays they played along the horizon of their imagination, they were being watched over by the guards looking at them contentiously they always intervened them in their fatal endeavors,  protecting them from the claws of their chaotic spirits. It was twilight they were discussing their bleak futures as sun lost its exuberance.  " I don't want to end up being like them " he exclaimed as he lighted the fire cradle cloaking them with its warmth.  Looking at the gleam of camp fire an young girl wearing a loosely fit sweater aroused and went near the fire looking at it as she is engulfing its heat she moved around looking at everybody , exchanging glance she pointed at the star as it was distantly emerged from the northern sky. " What do you see?" . Everybody looking at her pointed hand towards the sky followed around her dir